One Miner’s Life


A lamentation for the inevitable grinding life of a miner. Ed Pickford writes ”Written in verse that chart a man’s life. Dick Gaughan does an interpretation of it on ‘True & Bold’. Bob Fox – the great North East troubadour has just released this song for Topic on his CD The Blast. Bob is carrying his songs to the world now – I’m biased because he’s from the NE – but -good luck to him I say!’

Now ye are born, another to feed
Small are our wants lad but great is wa need
For work is scarce, yer dad’s on the dole
They want nee mair men, they’ve got too much coal.

We knaes wae yer cryin’ for
We knaes we meadowsea poor
Wee knaes what yer ganna be.
Wee knaes what’s in store for ye.

Now you’re a boy, yer play in the streets
Fish in the burn and performing great feats
While the pit heaps stand, marking the graves
Of fathers and sons and the lives that they gave.

Now you’ve left school, a man at thirteen
Yer mother is grim as she looks at the scene
As she makes up yer bait, yer off down below
And away t’ the pit with yer father ye go.

Now yer a man, ye work in the mine
With fightin’ and strugglin’ yer old for yer time
For the work it’s hard, conditions is bad
And ye promised yer son all the things ye’ve not had.

Now ye are old, yer’ve worked all ye can
But they’re closin’ the pits and yer part of the plan
To cut out waste, and make the mines pay
So t’ hell with ye now lad and be on yer way.


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