The Trooper and the Maid

13th Light Dragoons uniform

13th Light Dragoons uniform

Known as “The Light Dragoon” in other versions, “The Trooper and the Maid” tells of the parting moments of a soldier lad and his lassie. This song is enjoying some recent popularity due to it’s use in the new Assassins Creed, but the song probably dates back to at least the 17th or 18th century, when Dragoons were largely used.

A trooper lad came here last night
And aye, and he was weary
A trooper lad came here last night
And the moon was shining clearly

Bonnie lassie, will ye lie wi’ me
Bonnie lassie, will ye lie near me
And I’ll gar all your ribbons reel
In the morning eer I leave ye

She’s taken his good horse by the head
And led him to the stable
She’s given him corn and oats to eat
As muckle as he was able

She’s made his bed both long and wide
She’s made it like a lady
She’s pulled her petticoat o’er her head
Saying soldier are you ready

And he’s cast off his big Watchcoat
Likewise his cap and feather
He’s leaned his sword against the door
And now he’s down aside her

They had not been but an hour in bed
An hour and a quarter
When the drums came a-sounding down the street
And ilka beat was shorter

Its rise, arise our captain cried
It’s rise, arise and away, then
It’s rise, arise my bonnie lad
For tomorrow’s the battle gehn then

O when will you come back again
My own dear soldier laddie
O When will you come back again
To be your bairnie’s daddy

O haud your tongue, my bonnie wee dame
Ne’er let this partin’ grieve ye
When heather cowes grow ousen bows
Bonnie lassie, I’ll come an’ see ye

It’s Breid an’ Cheese for carles an’ dames
Corn an’ hay for horses
An’ sugar sacks for good ol wives
An’ bonnie lads for lasses


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